Monday, 4 January 2010

My Christmas

I spent most of November and December, planning for Christmas day. As we had eight people over on the day, there was a lot to do and I want to make the house, but especially the table, look as festive as possible. I started with a silver and white theme and everything developed from there. We wanted to create a warm welcome and tried to create a simple, but festive look to the hallway.

This is how the table turned out.
I made the cinnamon stick place settings, which ended up working really well with the gold tones in the crackers, which my Grandmother brought.

With all the candles lit.

I wanted to bake something that would look great on the table, so I made these snowflake cookies.

My cousin had brought some mince pies that she had made. Once a few of my cookies had been eaten, we filled it up again with her mince pies. Which looked great all together.

After all the planning I was really happy with the result and had a great day.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Palace

Last week I had a trip to Blenheim Palace. After having a look around the house and gardens, I had a champagne tea, which was amazing!

There were three tiers of sandwiches and cakes!
Between three people, it wasn't all for me! But it was so nice and we were looking out onto the gardens and water fountains. Definitely recommended!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Big Bang

Last night there was a Jools Holland concert not far from my house. If it hadn't been such a rainy and cold night, I would have sat out in the garden and listened. But at 10.20, there was a big firework display to end the concert, so I quickly grabbed my camera and leaned out of my bedroom window to try capturing a few shots. This was my favourite out of a whole bunch I took.
I just wish I had a better lens now! So I could have gotten some closer shots.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Good Brownies?

I made some brownies today, but they are not what they seem! I tried a recipe from the latest 'Cook yourself thin' recipe book. They arn't exactly calorie free, but a tiny little square is only around 100 calories! They taste pretty good for a lower calorie chocolaty snack.